Monitoring services allow you to focus on your operations while we watch your back.

At West Central Technology, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer a variety of products and services to fit your organization’s needs and budget. 

Server and Workstation Monitoring Services

Let our team of experts watch over your server(s) and workstation(s)! For a monthly fee per server and/or workstation, our team will watch over your systems taking care of small problems before they become large ones.


Watching your organization’s traffic internally and externally to make sure that no suspicious or malicious activity occurs. We also monitor your network proactively and identify bottlenecks or failing hardware.

Network Monitoring Services

Pay for what you need with our network monitoring options! 

  • Network Device Monitoring (per device)
  • Full Network Monitoring (switches, firewalls, physical WiFi controllers)
  • Full Network Monitoring Lite (All other ie Access Points, NAS)

Microsoft 365

M365 has become the new standard, especially in this day of remote workers. Just like any other new technology there are steps that are needed to secure and configurations needed to allow for optimal performance. We have Microsoft Security Experts that can assist in setting up your M365 tenant to provide the security and performance your company needs.

Simple IT Management (SIM)

West Central Technology’s Simple IT Management (SIM) solution provides a complete approach to managing your infrastructure in an easy to understand model. We charge a per user/per site cost that covers support and monitoring of all your network technology. 

If you add anything new, you pay a discounted labor rate to get it on your network and then it becomes covered under the SIM. No more unexpected bills or confusing charges. Not only do we monitor your network, we will also provide you with the following:

Technology Support

24/7 Monitoring

No rest monitoring. We monitor your entire network and make sure it is running as securely and efficiently as it can. You can sleep easy knowing that we always have our eyes on your infrastructure. In many cases, we can remediate the issue(s) before you even know that they are happening. If you happen to be a M365 customer this monitoring extends to the cloud. We set up and maintain policies that help protect and monitor your company's M365 space without getting in the way of what you have to do.

Dedicated Support Staff

Skilled support technicians and expert engineers are available from 8am to 5pm CST, excluding holidays. We make our highly knowledgeable staff available to you. With West Central Technology in your corner, you finally can make technology work for you.

Patching and Updates

Smart Patching. We do not just say we are going to update your systems. We test and confirm the functionality of the patches we push out to make sure that they will not disrupt your business.

Anti-Virus with DNS Protection

We help to protect your local machines with a one-two knock out. We help to harden your local machine against viruses and deliver state of the art content protection at the PC level. You can rest assured, whether your staff is at the office or working remotely, that they are protected.

Email Protection and Archiving

Email protection for the modern age. We not only deliver a spam filter solution that helps keep unwanted emails out of your workers inbox, we also utilize advanced threat protection to help protect your users from getting infected emails. Our email protection is then brought together with an archiving solution to protect your company from losing emails due to unintentional and intentional deletion.

Security Awareness Training

Email phishing has made securing your network and end users a challenging task. We realize that your best defense is an educated staff. We employ intuitive and impactful security awareness training so that you can have peace of mind knowing that even your employees are a part of your security solution.

Multi-factor Authentication

Using only a password to login is unsafe and a security risk. To help keep your end users logins secure, we set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on the PC. The idea of MFA is to have multiple layers of protection setup to make it difficult for unwanted access but easy for your end users to manage. With our MFA we allow you to secure not just the login to your local resources but also most external sources. (e.g. Microsoft 365)

Onsite Dedicated Engineer

Monthly scheduled onsite engineer visits. We don’t play hot potato with your network. We understand the value of having the same engineer support your network. At WCT we schedule monthly visits, with the same engineer, to have eyes and hands on your network. This is also time with our team you can use to get even more from your technology.

Onsite and Offsite Backup

Backup, backup, backup. We feel backups are a crucial piece of your security. Onsite, or with Microsoft 365, we have your back. We provide backups to your onsite storage and our offsite storage as well as provide backups for your 365 environment. Should something unforeseen happen, we can have your data safe and ready to be brought back online. Your data being available quickly will help keep your business moving forward.

Lowest Rate

SIM customers get to take advantage of our lowest discount rate of 30%. This is your rate for all installations and services outside the scope of the SIM.

MSP Bundle Program

West Central Technology is excited to offer the MSP Bundle Program to our customers. This program allows customers who subscribe to at least one monitoring service AND one monthly service to enjoy a discount of 10% on the engineer rate* and a special rate called MSP30**. 

MSP30 is a special rate that is applied to monitored devices and covers the first half hour of remote work, per issue, on that device done by our NOC technicians.

Qualifying Monitoring and Monthly Services are listed below. You must utilize at least one service from each column to be eligible for the MSP Bundle Program

Server Technicians

*The MSP Bundle Program entitles you to a 10% discount off the current engineer hourly rate. This discount applies to any work that is done onsite or remotely. This discount does not apply to travel rates. This discount may not be applied in addition to any other discount (such as Prepaid Discount).

** The MSP Bundle Program entitles you to the MSP30 rate. This rate is 30 minutes of free NOC support service, per issue, on any device that we are monitoring. This service is limited to remote NOC support only and applies to break/fix resolutions. This rate does not apply to new installations or engineer time.

*** Any West Central Technology (WCT) Cloud Bundle qualifies as a monthly service. The WCT Premium & Elite Bundles qualify as both monitoring and monthly service.

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