No matter the size of your company, downtimes need to be avoided. No one wants to pay employees to sit around without working technology or, even worse, impact loyalty from your customers. 

Viruses, malware, and overheating are common server issues that can happen. Does your company have a set plan in place for avoiding server malfunction? Compromised servers can cause productivity delays causing an increase to an already expensive problem. So how do you avoid a server crash? Contact West Central Technology to provide a layer of protection for your company servers and storage area network (SAN).

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 

Choose from a wide range of HPE servers and solutions that drive performance, scalability, and manageability while lowering costs and protecting investments.

Let’s protect your company.

Our experienced, professional technicians are dedicated to our customer’s success. Each of our customers have a dedicated technician that knows their technology environment to ensure the best technology solutions are implemented in a timely fashion. We will set your company up for success. Security protection, server optimization, operating system upgrades, software support and data backups are some of the many solutions to create a layer of protection for your company’s technology. We know solutions are not created equal and therefore we will create a customized solution plan for your server and SAN installation.

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We provide peace of mind.

Whether you have an internal technology (IT) department or hire external technology solutions, West Central Technology provides peace of mind that your technology is working as it should, around the clock. We guide our customers through a personalized process- from purchasing to upgrading servers and SANs. Our team will connect you with the technology solutions right for you and your company. 

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