Cloud Cyber Security

We offer a variety of solutions to help ensure your cloud solutions are safe.

Tighten your organization’s Cyber Security by utilizing these and other tools. Don’t know what you need? Start with an Assessment!

WCT Cloud Cyber Security

M365 Policies and Insights

Reduce IT’s security burden. Easily find, prioritize, fix, and enforce controls for permissions, membership, and configuration. All your workspaces, completely secure. Our West Central Technology team can help you manage policies & insights for Microsoft Office 365 along with managing security for Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Secure Offsite Backup

If local data and servers are corrupted, offsite backups are a saving grace. Oftentimes if your organization is hit with equipment failure, natural disaster or fire, you will lose your onsite backup. Offsite backups allow your organization to recover quickly if any of these catastrophic events occur.


Endpoint Detection and Response

Many companies need to have endpoint detection and response (EDR) for insurance purpose. This service provides your company with a lock to keep viruses out of your computer. It also serves as a remediation tool to restore your system files when needed.

Your backup is only good if you can restore it. That’s why we do quarterly backup testing for all customers that backup to our servers. This is an important step in ensuring that your organization can be back up and running quickly.

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