We believe people are a big part of what makes West Central Technology different from our competition. When your business contacts us, you will have a designated team member who will work with you and your personalized technology solutions. Meet our team.

The Owners

West Central Technology was started because we were ready to make a difference in the technology industry. There is no need for 5-year contracts when monthly agreements keep our quality in check and customers happy. It is our team members that continue to fulfill our company goals.

WCT Owners
Owner, CEO
Owner, CIO
Owner, COO

Sales Team

Client Advisor
Client Development Executive
Client Development
Sales Engineer
Client Advisor
Client Advisor Assistant
Client Advisor
Sales Manager

Systems Engineers

Services Manager

Systems Engineer II
Systems Engineer Lead
Systems Engineer I
NOC Lead

Systems Engineer I
Network Architect

Systems Engineer I

Systems Specialist

System Specialist

Service Team

Service Desk Lead
Service Desk
Service Desk II
Service Desk
Service Desk

Internal Support Team

Auditor and Bookkeeper
Project Manager
Procurement Coordinator
Marketing Manager

Let's work together!

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