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How long can your organization afford to be down?

Investing in a backup solution and/or disaster and recovery plan can mean you are back up and running in minutes or hours not days, weeks or even months. Backup and recovery are a critical component of IT as it helps organizations to protect their data. This ensures business continuity in case of data loss or system failure. The backup process involves copying and storing data to an external location; while recovery involves restoring the data back to its original or new location.

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Now is the time to establish proper backup and recovery protocols. We believe in creating solutions to provide peace of mind without daily need for attention. With the customized technology plan for your company, you can continue your job knowing your data is safe.

The West Central Technology team is here to guide you through planning and implementing the backup and recovery solutions your business needs. If you are looking for this support, contact us before you are down.

Backup Solutions Available

Types of Backup

Are you sure you are backed up? Can they be restored? Regularly testing backups ensures that the data can be recovered in case of system failure or data loss. Testing will help identify and address any issues before a disaster occurs. Our team performs backup testing for all clients that backup to our infrastructure. This is an important step in ensuring that your organization can be back up and running quickly.

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Onsite backups refer to data backups that are stored on local hardware, such as external hard drives. These backups are typically performed automatically on a regular schedule, and they are designed to protect against data loss due to hardware failure, accidental deletion, or certain cyber-attacks.

Onsite backups can have faster data recovery times with greater control over the backup process. Onsite backups also have some limitations, such as the risk of data loss due to equipment failure, natural disasters, fire, or other events that could damage or destroy the backup hardware.

We recommend using a combination of onsite and offsite backups to ensure maximum protection of your data. West Central Technology can customize your hardware and software to assist in backup and recovery.

Offsite backups are copies of important data or information that are stored in a separate physical location from the original data. The purpose of offsite backups is to protect against data loss due to disasters such as equipment failure, natural disaster, fire, or other events that could damage or destroy the original data.

Offsite backups can be performed using various methods, such as cloud backup services, remote backup servers, or physical backup media that is stored in a secure location offsite.

West Central Technology utilizes cloud-hosted object storage to provide immutable or air-gapped secure offsite backups. This ensures your offsite backup data is housed outside of your network and cannot be altered or deleted in the event of a security incident.

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