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Business-grade computers

Why buy business-grade computers?

Consumer computers are designed for personal use and offer a wide range of features, while business computers are designed for productivity and are more expensive but offer better security and compatibility with business software and hardware.

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Have Monitoring? It’s Not Too Late to be Proactive.

In the world of technology, it is important to maintain, update, and monitor your devices. West Central Technology has several monitoring options that can help! WCT will help monitor your workstations, servers, firewalls, and your entire network with SIEM. Our goal is to assist our clients with a customized, proactive IT environment where there are no surprises.

Is IT Working for You

Is IT working for you?

At West Central Technology, we are a local IT service provider who provides superior and customizable service for our clients. We started in November of 2018 after identifying a need for local, customizable support.

Password Protection-01

Protecting Your Business: The Basics of Cybersecurity

Protecting your business and understanding the basics of cybersecurity. Having strong passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication in place is key to keeping your business safe online.

Why is cybersecurity awareness important?

Protecting your business and your customer data is critical. The news is full of reports about large and small companies alike experiencing data breaches and hacking. These cyber-attacks might include files being held for ransom (ransomware) or customer data that hackers steal. In 2019, slightly more than 70% of all small and medium-sized businesses reported …

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3CX Phone Systems

3CX Phone Systems for Businesses

If you own a business, chances are you have a business phone number. You might even have multiple phone numbers, especially if you have employees and different departments. We often recommend 3CX phone systems for businesses because of their affordability and many other benefits.


Firewalls from WatchGuard

Cybersecurity is important for businesses today. There are multiple security measures you should consider implementing for your business, and one of those is a firewall. At West Central Technology, we install and service firewalls from WatchGuard, one of our trusted partners. What are Firewalls? Firewalls are part of an online security system. Having a firewall …

Firewalls from WatchGuard Read More »

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication

Having the proper cybersecurity measures in place is a critical component of running a business. There
are many parts to cybersecurity, one of which is multifactor authentication (MFA). Learn more about
what it is and why having an MFA in place is important.

Immutable Storage

Immutable Storage Solutions

These days, hackers and other bad actors are constantly coming up with ways to steal data and hold it for ransom. In this ever-changing world of technology, how can businesses protect themselves and their client data? One option is to deploy immutable storage solutions. Let’s walk through what this is, why you’d want it and the best options for protecting your business.

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