Cloud Hosting

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

Cloud Hosting is when you have infrastructure that is not on premise. Infrastructure can include servers, workstations, and firewalls. Cloud Hosting has many benefits including but not limited to:

  • Reducing on premise infrastructure costs
  • Accessing the hosted devices from anywhere
  • Allowing peace of mind not being tied to one physical location
  • Elliminating up front capital outlay
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Cloud Hosting That Fits Your Organizational Needs

The suite of hosted solutions offered by the West Central Technology team gives your organization affordable, secure, and scalable options. From hosted servers and rack space to a wide variety of datacenter solutions, you are sure to find an option that fits the needs of your organization. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and that is why we offer a variety of products and services to fit your organization’s needs and budget.

Month to month contracts allow your organization to scale as needed, ensuring you are not paying for assets you do not need.

Cloud Hosted Servers

We are here to help you make the transition to the cloud. Whether it is to reduce physical infrastructure or to allow an agile work environment, we can assist in moving your infrastructure to cloud hosted servers. This helps connect business locations, which in turn gives end users a fluid experience. Allow our team to help with the transition, management, and maintence of your cloud hosted servers.

Hosted Phone Systems

Let us help your office communications run smoothly, so you can focus on your clients. Whether your company is office or home-based, VoIP telephone systems are the next step to upgrading your old phone system. The 3CX phone system is affordable and scales with your business. With the 3CX phone system, you can take your business phone with you anywhere you go.

Datacenter Solutions

If you need to have your own physical hardware, let us host your devices in our datacenter. Your servers, storage devices, firewalls, or virtually any networked technology can be hosted in our datacenter. With your network technology hosted by our team, your infrastructure will be safe, secure and readily available.

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