Network Assessments

Understanding your IT environment allows you to understand your IT needs.

At West Central Technology, our network assessments provide an in-depth analysis of your current IT infrastructure. We provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your existing environment, recommend improvements (such as network consolidation, simplification, or automation), and help prepare you for certification or auditors.

Network Assessments

Network Assessments

Network assessments are evaluations that are conducted to examine the security and performance of a computer network. This evaluation aims to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks, assess the network's capacity, and identify any areas of inefficiency that can be improved to increase performance and optimize resources. During a network assessment, our team conducts a comprehensive review of the network, including its hardware, software, and network topology.

These assessments provide your business with a comprehensive picture of the state of the network at that moment and identify any potential problem areas. Based on the findings of the assessment, your business can take steps to improve network security, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Included in Our Network Assessments

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    Network Assessment – Risk Report

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    Network Management Plan

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    External Vulnerability Scan Summary

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    Visio Network Diagram

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    Asset Detail Report

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    Security Risk Report

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    Security Management Plan

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    Data Breach Liability Report

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    Login History by Computer Report

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    Outbound Security Report

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    Security Policy Assessment

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    West Central Technology review and summary of reports

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a sort of cybersecurity testing that involves simulating an actual attack on a computer system or network to find weaknesses and potential points of exploitation.

Penetration testers, sometimes known as ethical hackers, are used in this process to find vulnerabilities and make controlled attempts to exploit them using a combination of manual and automated procedures.

Cyber security

A penetration test's objective is to assess a system's security posture and find any vulnerabilities that an attacker could use against it. As a result, enterprises can proactively discover and address security risks before criminal actors may take advantage of them.

Penetration testing typically involves several phases, including planning and reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, and post-exploitation analysis. The results of a penetration test are documented in a detailed report, which includes recommendations for improving the security of the tested system or network.

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Is Your Business Ready?

The new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements established by the Department of Defense (DoD) will not be fully in place for all contractors and suppliers until 2026. However, your preparations should start now if you want to avoid losing out on lucrative government contracts.

Be sure to complete the specific mandates under the DFARS Interim Rule to maintain contract eligibility until all audits can be completed.

WCT Engineers Specialists Group

West Central Technology is here to help you along your CMMC journey. The CMMC consists of multiple levels of security, each building upon the previous level. We are familiar with what it takes to achieve these certifications and work with 1 of the 28 providers in the country able to certify a company.

Score Your Business Readiness

To start, you must be ready to conduct a self-assessment measuring your organization’s cybersecurity posture for existing NIST 800-171 framework controls mandated with the DFARS interim Rule. To retain eligibility for DoD contracts you need to upload your score to the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) portal right away.

Continuous Maintenance

Cybersecurity is a journey, not a single task or achievement. Start implementing the enhanced CMMC cybersecurity practices, which will go beyond the 110 existing security controls under NIST 800-171, expanding to include continuous threat monitoring and data protection. Take advantage of modern automation tools and analytics to further improve your organization’s overall security posture and compliance with new CMMC framework standards.

Compliance Documentation

Detailed records and documentation are essential to effectively manage your compliance program requirements. Having a structured process and specialized tools for the collection and organization of required records and current policies and procedures will present necessary evidence of compliance for audits or as part of attaining CMMC certification levels.

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