Network Infrastructure

Your IT Infrastructure

Your business needs a secure network to operate efficiently and effectively. Having an up-to-date and properly configured firewall, switches and wireless access points is imperative to a modern-day IT environment. WCT has a vast portfolio of solutions to ensure your needs are met, no matter how big or small.

Network Infrastructure


A network firewall is a security device that monitors and filters network traffic between different networks, such as the Internet and an internal corporate network. It acts as a barrier between a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network by inspecting and blocking incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predefined security policies. West Central Technology partners with WatchGuard to provide the latest in Next Generation Firewall protection to defend against today’s cyber threats.


The switch is the backbone of any network. It is a device that connects computers, servers, wireless access points, printers, phones, and other devices together. Modern day networks rely heavily on fast and reliable switches to provide access to applications, data, and resources. West Central Technology has experience in all types of networks – from small businesses to large enterprises. Leveraging Aruba switches, WCT is ready to upgrade and maintain your network.


Wireless networking is a key component of any size network. A feature-rich wireless access point solution will provide fast and efficient wireless networking access for all types of devices. With security at the forefront, West Central Technology utilizes WatchGuard and Aruba controller based or cloud based wireless systems. Whether it’s a single access point or several hundred, WCT’s offering’s scale to fit your business needs.

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