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Every organization has different IT needs. We come along side you to figure out a solution that best fits those needs. Learn what it's like to work with us straight from our clients!

"They came onboard and basically since then we've upgraded servers with them and changed some of our remote access. Quite honestly it's a partnership between us and them. We depend on them. I would encourage others to seek them out. It's a highly specialized industry and you need to have confidence in the people you work with."
- Scott Van Buren, Westberg Eischens

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Customer Experience Stories

"Special projects and the bigger stuff I definitely need to leverage their expertise. I absolutely love working with them for that and they know the stuff that I don't. They fill in the gaps. They also do monthly visits and check ups. I really appreciate that. They kinda help with the things that I don't have time to get to."
- Bryan Ashburn, Kandiyohi Power Cooperative

"We have some managed services with them, and they have called our office to let us know of a problem that we didn't have any idea of even existing. That has been very nice to know that they are looking into something and we don’t even know it’s a problem yet."
- Jan S., Gold Leaf

“I would in a heartbeat. They are the best. Someone you can count on. I got burned a long time ago when I was with a different company and they left me high and dry. You need someone you can count on and WCT is definitely the company you can count on.”
- Ken Zimmerman, Littfin Truss

"We searched out someone that could provide us with that know how of joining all of our locations as though we were all in the same building. We definitely put some demands on West Central Technology and we quite frankly have never been disappointed."
- Jerry Sweep, Northern Radiator

"Jeremy and his team have done a wonderful job. They are very responsive. If we have been down or have a problem, we give them a call and he responds right away often with text messages and very quickly with phone calls. Yes, I absolutely highly recommend them."
- John Krohn, Jonti-Craft

"We took a leap of faith and started with them and it's been a very good leap for us. Their response time is fantastic. They understand our business. They understand what we need [...] We have been with them for almost two years and have been very happy."
- Dr. David Huhner, Duininck Chiropractic

"We contract West Central Technology for some bigger tasks that we can't do in-house. I would definitely recommend it especially for smaller businesses. [...] They are more responsive and it makes it easier to feel comfortable."
- Rein Christiensen, Jonti-Craft

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