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Whether you have an internal technology (IT) department or hire external technology solutions, West Central Technology provides peace of mind that your technology is working as it should, around the clock. We guide our customers through a personalized process, from purchasing to upgrading servers and SANs. Our team will connect you with the technology solutions that are right for you and your company.

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While the cloud is growing ever more prevalent in today’s technology landscape, many businesses still require on-premises server infrastructure to keep up with their IT demands. West Central Technology has extensive experience with server technology and is prepared to provide fast, robust, and secure server and storage solutions.


A server is a very powerful computing system that provides centralized resources to host data and applications. Modern servers are comprised of physical hardware that runs many different virtual operating systems. West Central Technology partners with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and VMware to deliver best-in-class server solutions that are equipped to grow with your business. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, West Central Technology can customize a server configuration to meet your needs.


Large server environments require dedicated shared storage that can be leveraged by several servers at one time. A SAN (Storage Area Network) is an array of hard drives configured to provide incredibly fast storage to two or more servers at a time. A SAN introduces the ability to migrate virtual servers between hosts in real time for load balancing, redundancy, and resiliency. This storage is highly redundant and is backed by dual power supplies and dual management interfaces. West Central Technology partners with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to provide the latest in shared storage technology.

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