Creating Flexible Working Environment

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Creating Flexible Working Environments

Have those summer trips been planned? We can help you provide your team with a flexible remote working environment. Having the correct IT infrastructure in place is crucial for enabling and supporting remote work. It ensures that your team can access the necessary tools, systems, and data to perform their work effectively, regardless of their location.

With remote work, it is essential to secure your users' working environments. This includes implementing firewalls, VPNs, Endpoint Detection and Response software, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. Regular software updates and employee training on security best practices are also crucial. We offer a full line of customized solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Besides having a reliable internet connection, one of the first steps in creating a secure remote working environment starts with your firewall. A firewall, like those we sell from WatchGuard, is a network security device that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. The firewall may also establish secure routes to create your Virtual Private Network (VPN) for employees to access your secure network.

Having a secure VPN access point is like talking through a secure line, remotely connecting you and your networks; without a secure VPN, the connection would be similar to how "Party Lines" used to work or talking through a megaphone. Your secure VPN ensures that data transmitted between the employee and the company's servers (or networks) remains protected, even when using public or unsecured networks.

There is a lot more to having a secure network than just a firewall. West Central Technology’s User Bundles are focused on keeping your end users secure. Putting our User Bundles to work for you will cover the basics and can be expanded to include other services that are the right fit for your organization or meet industry requirements.

Your team works remotely by sharing information, and file storage can be made easy with our cloud-based solutions. With cloud-based solutions for file storage, document collaboration, and project management tools, remote workers can access and share files seamlessly from anywhere, even without a VPN. Cloud services also provide scalability, flexibility, and data backup, reducing the reliance on physical infrastructure.

Effective communication and collaboration are vital for remote teams. Platforms like Microsoft Teams create instant video conferencing, messaging, and document sharing that facilitate seamless communication and enable real-time collaboration.

Our 3CX phone system allows employees to take their office extension wherever they go. We also offer onsite phone demonstrations; we come to your location to set up the phones and give you a chance to handle them.

In some situations, users need access to specific software or applications available only on office machines. Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) may be employed, but often require professional help to setup and secure. These technologies allow users to remotely access their computers, providing a consistent and secure working environment, irrespective of location. This enables them to access specialized software, files, and applications that may not be available on remote devices.

Remote workers may encounter technical issues or require IT assistance in order to transition smoothly to remote work. Providing efficient IT support for remote employees is vital to addressing technical issues promptly. Organizations can establish a dedicated IT support team or outsource their team to a managed service provider (MSP) to ensure timely assistance for remote workers. Utilizing remote support tools enables our team to troubleshoot problems remotely, reducing the need for physical intervention.

In recent years, remote work has gained significant traction across many industries, providing employees with flexibility and enabling organizations to tap into global talent pools. However, for remote work to be successful, a robust IT infrastructure is essential. Having a robust and well-designed IT infrastructure that encompasses these elements ensures that remote workers can operate efficiently, securely access company resources, collaborate seamlessly, and maintain productivity regardless of their physical location. Let West Central Technology find the right solution for your remote working environment.

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