Experience Seamless Connectivity with West Central Technology’s Managed Wi-Fi

Experience Seamless Connectivity with West Central Technology's Managed Wi-Fi

Experience Seamless Connectivity with West Central Technology's Managed Wi-Fi

Reliable wireless connectivity is essential for any organization. West Central Technology's Managed Wi-Fi is a game-changer, offering a Wireless as a Service (WaaS) solution with no upfront hardware costs. Our service provides hassle-free, high-performance wireless coverage tailored to meet your organization's specific needs, ensuring seamless connectivity, regular upgrades, included equipment costs, and professional management you can trust.

Why Choose West Central Technology’s Managed Wifi?

Effortless Connectivity: Enjoy hassle-free wireless services that guarantee continuous, seamless connectivity. Our solutions are designed to eliminate the common challenges of wireless networking, ensuring your organization stays connected without interruption.

Expert Cloud Management: Our managed Wi-Fi is handled by West Central Technology's expert technicians, requiring no onsite knowledge or equipment. This makes wireless access easy and effortless, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

Automatic Firmware Updates: Stay secure and up-to-date with proactive firmware upgrades. Our system automatically updates your firmware, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the latest security standards.

Hardware Upgrades: As new wireless standards and equipment are released, you will receive necessary hardware upgrades at no extra cost. This ensures your network remains cutting-edge without incurring additional costs.

Efficient Equipment Replacement: If a unit fails, our hassle-free replacement process ensures minimal downtime. We keep replacement equipment on hand and ready for immediate deployment, avoiding the delays of a lengthy RMA process.

Our Comprehensive Service Includes:

Automated Offline Alerts for Access Points: An access point is considered offline if it doesn’t check-in with WCT within a 30-minute window, ensuring quick issue detection.

Alert Review by West Central Technology: Our team promptly reviews and addresses any alerts to maintain optimal network performance.

Remote Support Coverage: Available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays. Standard rates apply outside of normal business hours, ensuring you have support when you need it.

Replacement Hardware: If a unit fails and requires replacement, we provide efficient and timely hardware replacements to keep your network running smoothly.

With West Central Technology’s Managed Wi-Fi solution, you can rest assured that your wireless connectivity is always secure and up-to-date, without hidden or unexpected costs. Our commitment to seamless connectivity, expert management, and continuous upgrades ensures your organization remains at the forefront of wireless technology.

Experience the difference with West Central Technology’s Managed Wi-Fi and keep your organization connected effortlessly.

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