Is IT working for you?

It is Working for You?

At West Central Technology (WCT), we are a local IT service provider who provides superior and customizable service for our clients. We started in November of 2018 after identifying a need for local, customizable support. WCT breaks the IT industry’s mold by offering as much or as little service as a company needs without requiring any long-term contracts. We earn our clients' business each and every month; our clients are not locked into contracts that are set to auto-renew. WCT believes in empathy and authenticity and strives to be a trusted advisor for our clients. We offer a variety of IT solutions that are customizable to your business’s needs. We make IT happen when you need IT to happen.

Three West Central Technology Locations

We have three locations to best serve our clients; our headquarters in Willmar, offices in Hutchinson and St. Cloud, along with our data center in Alexandria. We are currently supporting over 300 clients throughout Minnesota, along with clients in five other states, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

IT Service Consulting

We understand that making IT changes can be intimidating without knowing all the technical IT jargon. IT consulting is an important part of what we do, and our team is here to help guide you through the IT vocabulary to help you understand the "technical stuff." We even offer assessments to evaluate your IT environment. These assessments are completed by our Engineers, and we will provide you with a summary of our recommendations once completed.

Provide You Peace of Mind

It is tempting to wait for your IT updates until you have time—there is never enough time in a day, right? Alternatively, you could have someone on-site, but the reality is that some IT updates should not be delayed. Keeping your systems up to date is an important part of keeping your network safe from cybersecurity threats. As you may be aware, cybersecurity is more important than ever these days. Having an IT company that can make it happen and keep your system running smoothly will give you the IT peace of mind you are looking for.

IT Backups

Are your backups happening? It's common for us to hear, “but we have backups.” However, are you sure that your backups are recoverable? Even if all your data is protected and recoverable, do you have a clear picture of how long recovery could take—and how many potential lost hours that could be? Getting back to full functionality will always take extra time and extra money, so knowing your risks in advance is essential.

Make Your IT Happen Today!

If you are looking to make IT happen, please contact us! We will gladly walk through our services and offerings with you, to come up with the best plan of action for your business.

West Central Technology makes IT happen when you need IT to happen.

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