What is Teams?

We want to help you get the most out of your technology. This is a series about Microsoft Teams that will help you do just that. Together let's make better use of this tool that you have invested in.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allow you to meet, chat, call and collaborate with others within your team inside and outside of the organization. We recommend creating a team for your work groups, project based team or even interest groups. There are few companies that get their full bang for their buck out of their Microsoft Teams package. We want to share our excitement of Teams with our customers.

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Our Top Three Favorite Things About Microsoft Teams

1. Stay Connected, Anytime and Anywhere

The Teams app provides the capability to stay connected no matter where you are. Remote work for us means being able to do what you enjoy from where you enjoy, ice fishing, boating, whatever that looks like for you and the current season. With the Teams app you have immediate access to all your apps and documents for simple ability to join meetings and collaborate easily.

2. Fewer Emails

Drowning in emails has become the norm for many businesses everywhere. Teams may just be the simplest way to start fixing your company’s sea of emails. Now conversations can be stored in a structured format with no longer getting lost in email-upon-email responses. Need to ask a quick question or find a file? Chat is there to help!

3. All the Meeting Details in One Place

This afternoon’s meeting was scheduled a week ago. Between now and then, you have numerous emails across different email chains discussing the topic. After the meeting, you will need to share the notes along with a recording. You’ve sent a half of a dozen emails and you still have individuals confused or missing information.

Now with meetings in Teams all agreed actions, meeting notes, calling information and agendas can be found within one tab. Imagine the productivity and ease with your daily meetings.

At West Central Technology, we are here to help our customers get the most out of their technology for their business and their employees. Stay tuned as we continue to share helpful tips on Teams with Messaging next or contact us for more guidance.

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