3CX phone systems: what are they? Everything You Need to Know

3CX Blog: What are they? Everything You Need to Know

3CX phone systems: what are they? Everything You Need to Know

Due to the increasing trend of remote work, businesses are exploring software solutions to enhance productivity while their employees work from home or on the go, all while taking their office extension with them. A modern phone system and its capabilities are a crucial part of this technological approach.

Within the realm of hosted phone systems, 3CX is an industry leader, delivering excellent functionality and dependability across various devices such as desktops, mobiles, and traditional phone handsets. 3CX is used by 350,000+ companies with over 12 million users. However, what exactly is 3CX and can it genuinely benefit your business?

3CX Phone Systems

The 3CX phone system is a software-based phone system that can use SIP services to transmit voice traffic over the Internet. It works with a range of phone hardware and features web browser-based extensions and mobile apps. Another major advantage is that the 3CX phone system itself can be hosted on a remote server, on-premises (on a local server), or both with one location setup as a failover for redundancy.

What are the steps to setup 3CX?

To get started, you will need a 3CX license to unlock the software, an internet connection, a location to host 3CX, and a SIP service to connect the phone system with the rest of the world. You may use physical phones, 3CX via a browser on your desktop, a cellphone application, or a combination of all three to make calls. Once these pieces are set up, are set to start making calls. Our team has been able to get a phone system up and working in a matter of hours, in order to get a client up and making calls quickly.

Setup steps: 3CX is available on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. You can download the 3CX app, for free, to use 3CX on your mobile phone. With the app, you will still be connected to your company’s infrastructure and can take your office communications with you wherever you go. This allows calls to be made to vendors, employees or others that appear to be coming from your business, and not an employee’s cellphone. It also allows for more seamless call handling/transferring and enables reporting on calls made outside of the office. 3CX also supports a number of SIP phones and handsets. Yealink is our recommendation for physical phones.

3CX is a powerful tool, but for it to work properly, you will need both a 3CX license and a SIP service. We are here to help you through the entire process, from licenses and hosting to SIP, setup, support, and maintenance.

Understanding SIP

A SIP service functions as the pathway for initiating, managing and ending voice and data transfers over the internet. Given that 3CX can utilize the SIP standard, it seamlessly collaborates with SIP providers to establish and oversee VoIP communications efficiently. SIP provides the communication session(s) for your local, long-distance and international calls through standard broadband internet connections.

3CX: SIP to Devices

3CX is License-Based

3CX operates on a license-based system; without one, placing calls becomes impossible. Similar to many software models, it functions on an annual subscription basis. The license is determined by the number of simultaneous calls routed through the system. There are three license types available: Small Business, Professional, and Enterprise. Notably, this pricing model for simultaneous calls is distinct from user-based pricing, which may provide for significant savings over other pricing models.

Benefits of 3CX

Setting up 3CX requires just four components: an internet connection, a 3CX license, hosted location/infrastructure and a SIP service. Installing 3CX is a straightforward task through a web browser using the same network wiring as what your computer uses. With the 3CX phone system, your business can have multiple locations on the same phone system. For an even simpler setup, opting for a dedicated SIP provider, such as SimSIP, is highly recommended.

Web Client

The 3CX Web Client serves as a centralized dashboard or control hub, consolidating all the necessary call and communication tools for connecting with colleagues, partners, and customers directly from your web browser. This platform offers comprehensive telephone features, granting access to audio and video calls, call management functionalities like hold, transfer, and conferencing, and file transfer options.

3CX Training (youtube.com)

iOS and Android apps

The 3CX smartphone app is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices, enabling you to carry your business communications wherever your travels take you. Once downloaded onto your phone, the app provides access to your company phone book and allows you to facilitate seamless phone calls originating from your business phone system, anywhere.

Utilizing this smartphone app proves incredibly advantageous, allowing you to make calls to colleagues and clients while maintaining a professional and credible image by utilizing your work number instead of a personal one or cellphone number. To begin using the app, simply download and install it from your app store.

How can 3CX help my business?

VoIP phone systems have become essential communication tools for companies and organizations. To ensure effective remote work, maximizing the use of the 3CX web client and the softphone is crucial.

3CX facilitates seamless remote work by providing integrated communication tools accessible from anywhere on the internet, including free mobile apps and web clients, ensuring employees can stay connected and productive. Its flexibility in licensing and cost-effective pricing make it an appealing choice for businesses adapting to remote work, offering scalability and affordability for organizations of all sizes. Overall, 3CX empowers remote workers with the tools they need to maintain effective communication and collaboration, driving efficiency and success in virtual work environments.


One of the significant draws of 3CX is its competitive pricing model. Instead of considering the number of users or extensions, the pricing is determined by the required quantity of simultaneous calls for your company. 3CX provides affordable and quickly scalable options. With changes in your business structure and call volumes, your 3CX license can increase with your business demands and needs.

As we wrap up our journey of the 3CX phone system, it's evident that its versatile features, cost-effective pricing model based on simultaneous calls, and seamless integration across various devices make it a standout choice for any business. Whether you want to combine multiple locations onto one phone system, optimize remote work setups, or enhance office communication, 3CX offers a robust solution.

If you're keen on revolutionizing your business communications, diving deeper into 3CX's capabilities can unveil a world of possibilities. Feel free to reach out to us for more insights tailored to your specific needs, or our team can come on site and give you an overview of the 3CX phone system along with a hands-on phone demonstration. Your 3CX journey may just be beginning, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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