Immutable Storage Solutions

These days, hackers and other bad actors are constantly coming up with ways to steal data and hold it for ransom. In this ever-changing world of technology, how can businesses protect themselves and their client data? One option is to deploy immutable storage solutions. Let’s walk through what this is, why you’d want it and the best options for protecting your business.

What is Immutable Storage?

Immutable storage essentially means that you’re storing data somewhere, and that data cannot be changed for a set period of time. The data is not alterable during this timeframe, so it is preserved exactly how it was first stored.

Immutable Storage Options

When it comes to choosing immutable storage solutions, there are a few options. For instance, you could choose to store data on a CD or USB drive and make it immutable, or unable to be edited by someone else. An easy way to do this is to place that USB drive or CD somewhere else, also known as an offsite backup

However, one of the more secure immutable storage solutions is data that’s stored within the cloud. At West Central Technology, we use blockchain to help make our clients’ data secure and unalterable. If you’re unfamiliar with blockchain, it’s a decentralized platform that stores important data in a highly secure way. You may have heard of it in relation to cryptocurrencies, which are also based on blockchain technology. 

Immutable Storage

This immutable cloud storage option allows you to entrust your data with us. It stays secure in the cloud, and you choose how long it stays there and when (or if) it can ever be edited. 

Why Choose Immutable Cloud Storage?

Choosing immutable cloud storage is not only more secure, but it can help your business avoid paying ransom if your files get encrypted. Some hackers create programs that encrypt, or code, the files on your computer so you can’t access them. They lock everything or most things up and demand that you pay a ransom, or high fee of some sort. 

Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation. But it does happen here in West Central Minnesota. Some local businesses have been hit with CryptoBlock recently, in which the hacker demands bitcoin (a type of cryptocurrency) in exchange for unlocking your files. 

Unfortunately, you’re at the mercy of the hackers if you don’t have a secure backup solution in place. This is something to seriously consider, because getting hit with ransomware like this can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars (and more) in ransom payments. Plus, you’ll suffer from downtime as you wait to have your files unlocked. 

Can your business afford downtime and thousands of dollars in payments to hackers?

Paying Ransom vs Deploying Immutable Storage Solutions

It’s best to be proactive about cybersecurity for your business and data. Contact us to go over immutable storage solutions and find a plan that works best for you.

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