Multifactor Authentication

Having the proper cybersecurity measures in place is a critical component of running a business. There are many parts to cybersecurity, one of which is multifactor authentication (MFA). Learn more about what it is and why having an MFA in place is important.

What is Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor Authentication

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) defines MFA as “a layered approach to securing data and applications where a system requires a user to present a combination of two or more credentials to verify a user’s identity for login.”

To put that in plainer terms, you’re probably familiar with entering a password to access a website. If you have MFA in place, you’d also have to enter another piece of information besides your password to access the site. That might be a security question such as your mother’s maiden name.

Or it might mean that you’ll enter a code given to you by a third-party app. Requiring a password and a code is one example of MFA that can enhance a website’s security.

Why is Multifactor Authentication Important?

If you or your employees have a user ID and password that allows them to access confidential company information, it’s important to have multifactor authentication in place. If someone were trying to hack into that information using an employee’s password, and you didn’t have MFA, then they’d have full access to your data with just one password.

However, with MFA in place, the hacker wouldn’t be able to access your account even if they had your password. That’s because they’d also need to answer security questions or enter a unique code from a secure third-party app.

Plus, some insurance companies are even starting to require that companies have MFA to obtain a business insurance policy. This is another sign that MFA is becoming very important for businesses to have.

AuthPoint MFA for Businesses

Of course, there are many things to protect when it comes to businesses. That’s why we work with AuthPoint MFA for many of our customers.

AuthPoint MFA provides access to multiple security measures for businesses and their employees at an all-inclusive price. Putting multifactor authentication into place is one benefit, but businesses can choose what type of MFA they’d like. One option is to do push authentication, which verifies a code or a key to ensure the appropriate user is logging into your company’s system. With AuthPoint, your employees can even access secured sites or documents while they’re offline—such as if they’re traveling for work.

Other benefits include remote access options with a VPN, user-friendly apps, and integrations with popular software like Office 365 and Google’s G Suite.

Other MFA Options

Not every business will have the same MFA or cybersecurity needs. That’s why we take time to talk with our customers and get to know their businesses. If AuthPoint MFA isn’t the best option for them, we’ll explore another choice, such as Duo.

If you have questions about cybersecurity or MFA, please give us a call today.

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