Introducing Security as a Service

As a business owner, you may already know that cybersecurity is crucial to protecting your data. But it’s not always easy to set up cybersecurity protections on your own. That’s why we’re introducing security as a service today. Let’s explore the three cybersecurity tiers to help you find the protection that works best for your business needs.

What is Security as a Service?

Before we explore the three cybersecurity package options offered at West Central Technology, let’s look at what security as a service means.

Cybersecurity involves implementing processes and protections that protect your business from online threats such as Russian cyberattacks that have been in the news lately. And in order to protect your business from potential cyber threats, you’ll want to set up some security services.

You can do this on your own of course. Choosing a trusted technology services provider is also a good move, because you can choose the level of service you’d like—from just purchasing security software to having our team on standby if you need tech support.

Here are the three ‘security as a service’ options we offer for our clients.

1) User Bundles

Our first security as a service option is called User Bundles. These bundle the best-in-class software, like SentinelOne and WatchGuard, to monitor and protect your business online. We offer multiple levels of cybersecurity software packages within our User Bundles, so you’ll find something that suits your needs. It’s also a user-friendly option that lets businesses manage their cybersecurity themselves. In light of this, our team is pretty hands-off here after the initial set up.

2) MSP Bundle Program

If you’d like a bit more help from our experts in addition to software that keeps you protected, you may want to consider our MSP Bundle Program. This option means you get the protection of the User Bundles software level you choose along with troubleshooting help from our support team. With the MSP Bundle Program, the first 30 minutes of every troubleshooting ticket are provided for free, meaning you can rest assured that we’ll be on hand to help if you encounter any security issues.

3) Simple IT Management

For those looking for software services, troubleshooting support and labor in one complete package, consider our Simple IT Management (SIM) plan. This plan includes 24/7 monitoring of your entire network, dedicated support staff and everything you need to keep your business safe from cyberthreats. We offer this customized program at a flat rate. It’s a great security as a service option if you want to hand your cybersecurity over to a knowledgeable team.

Introducing Security as a Service for Your Business

If you’re interested in security as a service for your own business, give us a call. We’ll learn more about your business and help you choose the security as a service plan that fits with your individual needs.

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