Current Cybersecurity Climate and Potential Russian Cyberthreats

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is impacting multiple industries, including the technology industry. One example of this is the current cybersecurity climate and potential Russian cyberthreats. Here’s what you need to know and how you can protect your business.

Current Cybersecurity Climate

Cyberattacks were happening even before Russia invaded Ukraine. However, it is important to be on alert today in light of these recent world events and the dramatic increase in cyberthreats. In fact, the CISA, FBI and President Biden have all released statements. The CISA has a "Shields UP" initiative and the FBI released cyberthreats from Russia warning. The President Biden also released a statement on our Nation’s cybersecurity in regards to Russia. A follow up Fact Sheet has been pulled together by the White House to provide direct steps of urgency for companies.

Protect Your Business Against Potential Cyberattacks

We at West Central Technology take cybersecurity very seriously. While we already had protective measures in place before the invasion of Ukraine, we continue to be on alert for potential cyberthreats. We also encourage businesses to follow six steps to protect themselves against cyberattacks.

1) Patch Your Tech Systems

Keep your software and technology systems up to date at all times. This will make it harder for hackers to access your data, especially in today’s cybersecurity climate. We can help you patch, or repair, any vulnerabilities that might come with a new software update.

2) Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

For an easy yet impactful way to protect against potential cyberthreats, implement multi-Factor authentication (MFA). MFA essentially means logging into a database or computer program requires two forms of identification, rather than just one password.

3) Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for Continuous Threat Monitoring

Implementing Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) on your devices means that they are constantly monitored for potential cyberthreats, both known and unknown. This approach is more proactive so it can catch a potential threat, quarantine, begin remediation and alert your technology team right away.

4) Email Protection 

Phishing emails are rampant, and hackers are getting better at making them look legitimate. Invest in email protection to prevent phishing or malware attacks that could lock you out of your own information.

5) Educate Your Employees on Current Cybersecurity Climate

Education is another important tool in fending off cyberthreats. Make sure you and your employees or vendors understand how to avoid potential cyberthreats and what to do if something happens.

6) Backup Your Data and Ensure Offline Backups

We always stress the importance of backing up your files. If you haven’t yet done this, it’s important that you prioritize putting a backup system in place, now. In fact, we advise having at least an onsite and offsite backup. We prefer immutable object storage, which helps mitigate ransomware attacks via an offsite backup solution.

Potential Russian Cyberthreats in the Current Cybersecurity Climate

Cyberattacks can come from anywhere, but right now Russia is in the spotlight. Following these steps will help protect your business against potential Russian cyberthreats. If you’d like help setting up these protective systems, please contact us today.

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