Best Ways to Save on IT in Central Minnesota

Kicking off a new year is the perfect time to evaluate ways that your business can be more efficient while reducing costs. And your Information Technology (IT) systems are a great place to start. These ideas will help you learn more about the best ways to save money on your IT in central Minnesota.

Look for IT Discounts

When you work with a company that manages your computers and other devices, it helps to look for discounts.

At West Central Technology, we offer an MSP Plus Program for our customers who are enrolled in monitoring services. With the MSP Plus Program, our customers receive the first half hour of remote work for free on devices that we monitor. That extra half hour can really make a difference when it comes to IT troubleshooting.

Try Managed Solutions to Save Money

If you want the benefits of having the latest technology without the high upfront costs, consider a Managed Solutions program. This is a subscription-based IT service that provides the newest software to customers without a huge price tag.

Plans range from network monitoring to server and workstation monitoring services. Plus, customers can upgrade their plans as they grow, or flex down as needed, on a month-to-month basis. This flexible option is a good fit for companies whose employee numbers and IT needs tend to fluctuate often.

Use Simple IT Management Services

For businesses looking for a complete approach to managing their IT infrastructure, a Simple IT Management Services (SIM) plan works wonders. We offer two plan options, so customers can select the services they need in the budget range that works best for them. Customers using SIM can expect efficient, personalized service no matter which package they choose.

Bundle Your IT Services

One of the best ways to save money on IT just might be deciding to bundle your services. Cybersecurity bundles, for instance, allow customers to be proactive about online security and protecting confidential data. With three levels to choose from, businesses of all sizes can have peace of mind that their critical business infrastructures are protected online.

Phone Bundle Options for Your Business

Saving Money on IT in Central Minnesota

For a more personalized look at the best ways to save money on your IT in central Minnesota, contact us. We can set up a personalized review for your business to get you the IT services you need while saving you money.

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