Five Tips for New Windows 11 Users

Microsoft began rolling out its new operating system, Windows 11, this past October. The design and menus are all a bit different than you might be used to using with Windows 10 or earlier versions. However, there are some similarities. To get you started, here are five tips for new Windows 11 users.

1) Using the Fly Out Menu

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One thing that’s similar yet slightly different is the “fly out menu” along the far-right side of the bottom task bar. You’ll find quick access to Wi-Fi settings here along with sound and battery settings. This is a handy feature since you can easily pull up a list of available Wi-Fi networks and adjust your volume in an instant. There’s also a battery saver option if you’re running low while working remotely.

These menu options are still located in the same place with Windows 11. They main difference is that the menu appears to ‘fly’ out onto the screen when clicked.

2) Pairing Devices on New Windows 11

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Just as with earlier versions of Windows, users will still be able to pair up their Logitech devices, such as a mouse. To do this, you’ll need to download Unifying Software. This software makes the pairing process a cinch thanks to their user-friendly prompts.

3) Bluetooth Pairing

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As with pairing up Logitech devices, Windows 11 users will still be able to pair a Bluetooth device with their computer. Get started by clicking the Start button, then clicking the gear icon that represents Settings. From there, click the Bluetooth & Devices option in the left panel.

Once there, you’ll see a large plus sign icon. Clicking that will get you started on adding a Bluetooth device with Windows 11. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step guide.

4) Right Click Menu

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The right click context menu is what pops up when you click the right button on your mouse. As with earlier Microsoft Windows versions, this menu offers familiar options in Windows 11. Choose from sorting files by date or by title, or easily find your display settings to change your desktop photo or icons. Pro tip: You can even choose to format your Windows 11 software to make it look more like Windows 10.

5) Windows 11 Settings

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As with many things in Windows 11, the settings menu still exists—just with a twist. It’s now located on the lefthand side of the screen. You’ll find Bluetooth access here along with Wi-Fi networks, options for personalizing your display and accessibility features like magnification and color adjustments.

More Tips for New Windows 11 Users

Windows 11 does look and feel different. Yet there are many similarities to earlier versions of Windows. With these five tips for new Windows 11 users, you’ll be on your way to mastering this new operating system quickly.

If you have questions or would like some help troubleshooting Windows 11, please contact us.

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