Benefits of Upgrading Your Phone System to 3CX

Choosing a phone system for your business can get complicated. Many different forms of technology exist, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) cloud phone systems like 3CX. But how do you know which phone system is best for your business? To help, we’ll break down the benefits of upgrading your phone system to 3CX.

Understanding Analog Phone Systems

Before exploring the details of a 3CX phone system, it helps to take a look at how older phone systems (referred to as “analog”) work. Analog telephones need dedicated landlines which limits the number of extensions you may have at your business. Analog phones work through a telephone company and often mean expensive monthly fees.

Upgrading to a VoIP Phone System

Newer technology means newer ways of hooking up a phone system. VoIP networks are based in the cloud, so they require internet and SIP service rather than a traditional telephone company. One major benefit to choosing a VoIP phone system is that extensions are no longer limited because they don’t require dedicated landlines. These phone systems can easily expand with your business.

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3CX Phone System

At West Central Technology, we recommend 3CX if you’re considering a new phone system for your business. There are many benefits to upgrading your phone system to 3CX, including:

1. Unlimited Extensions

Upgrading to a 3CX phone system means that your business can install unlimited phone extensions. Smaller businesses may only need one or two lines while larger organizations may use 1,000 or more. The 3CX phone system is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

2. No “Extra” Fees

Choosing the 3CX system for your business means one phone system fee. Once it’s installed, there are no add-on costs if you choose to add phone extensions as your business grows. Essentially, you can think of this phone system as being all-inclusive.

3. Multiple Phone Options

Your business likely needs a variety of phone types, especially if you have remote employees that work from home. We offer multiple types of phones with the 3CX system, ranging from a cordless handheld phone to a wired desktop phone with headset.

In addition, we offer upgraded desktop phones, such as one that offers multi-line functionality for receptionists. Our headset options allow you to switch from your desktop phone to your computer to your cell phone seamlessly, helping you stay mobile.

For conference calls, choose from a wired or wireless option. The wireless style features a 3-way speaker and a range of about 300 feet.

Is a 3CX Phone System Right for Your Business?

The 3CX phone system is a cost-effective and efficient option for many types of businesses. It can really make sense to upgrade your phone system to 3CX.

If you have specific questions about benefits, types of phones, or how the 3CX system would work for your business, please contact us today.

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