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Microsoft 365 Simple Tips

Microsoft 365 Hidden Tips

M365, also known as Microsoft 365, is a subscription-based service offered by Microsoft that offers a variety of tools and services for enhancing productivity for your business. M365 includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook, as well as cloud services like OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and more.

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Is IT working for you?

Is IT working for you?

At West Central Technology (WCT), we are a local IT service provider who provides superior and customizable service for our clients. We started in November of 2018 after identifying a need for local, customizable support. WCT breaks the IT industry’s mold by offering as much or as little service as a company needs without requiring

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Firewalls from WatchGuard

Cybersecurity is important for businesses today. There are multiple security measures you should consider implementing for your business, and one of those is a firewall. At West Central Technology, we install and service firewalls from WatchGuard, one of our trusted partners. What are Firewalls? Firewalls are part of an online security system. Having a firewall

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Immutable Storage Solutions

These days, hackers and other bad actors are constantly coming up with ways to steal data and hold it for ransom. In this ever-changing world of technology, how can businesses protect themselves and their client data? One option is to deploy immutable storage solutions. Let’s walk through what this is, why you’d want it and the best options for protecting your business.

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