AuthPoint, provided by West Central Technology, is a multi-factor authentication solution that helps secure services such as Microsoft 365 or VPN connections from the risks of unauthorized access.

When a user that is configured with AuthPoint accesses a protected service, they will be required to provide additional authorization through an app on their mobile device or an MFA hardware token.

Frequently Asked Questions About AuthPoint

Why do I receive push notifications when I am not trying to login?

If you are receiving push notifications at night or when you are not requesting them, this typically means your account username/password is compromised. Change your password as soon as possible.

At no point should you accept a push notification if you are not requesting it or attempting to login yourself.

Why am I not receiving a push notification on my phone?

Typical causes for not receiving push notifications include poor or weak cellphone service or the lack of internet connection. You should also check if your device is on do-not-disturb.

Another troubleshooting step you can take is to open the AuthPoint app on your mobile device while you attempt to login to the MFA-protected service.

Did you see the AuthPoint request come through while the app is open? If so, this typically means you have the do-not-disturb function turned on or you have notifications for the individual app disabled.

I am buying a new phone; can I transfer my MFA service?

Yes! However, when you buy a new phone, you need to transfer the tokens to your new phone BEFORE your new phone is wiped and returned.

To transfer tokens on your new phone, install the AuthPoint app. Then, on your old phone, select the menu in the top right corner of AuthPoint and choose Migrate All Tokens. Follow the steps to complete the migration to your new device.

If you have purchased a new device and already wiped your old phone, please open a support ticket and we will help you reactivate your MFA token.

Please note, we will not be able to assist you in reactivating any third-party services you added to AuthPoint. Third-party services, such as bank accounts or any other personal MFA, will need to be reset with those companies.

What are the benefits of using a hardware token?

A hardware token allows for the same access as utilizing the mobile phone app. It is a small device with a scrolling token code that allows you to login.

The only limitation is that the hardware token cannot receive push notifications, meaning you will have to type in the code each time.

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