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KnowBe4, provided by West Central Technology, is a security awareness training service that helps educate users on the risks of email phishing and other email-based attacks. Phishing is when an attacker attempts to mislead you in hopes of stealing money, credentials, or your identity. The attacker will impersonate other senders, such as your HR or payroll department, and request that you provide information.

Frequently asked Questions about KnowBe4

What is a training campaign?

A training campaign from KnowBe4 consists of a simulated phishing attack, in which suspicious emails are sent out to users from the KnowBe4 system. The frequency and duration of these campaigns may be predetermined.

If you have questions or would like adjustments made, please contact West Central Technology Support.

What should I report as phishing?

If you suspect that you have received a phishing email, check the email address. Many phishing emails have poor grammar and spelling errors. Remember to always verify the authenticity of any email before providing any personal or sensitive information.

How can I report as phishing?

To report a message as phishing, simply click the Phishing Alert Report button located at the top of your Outlook Ribbon.

If the email is a simulated phishing email from KnowBe4, you will receive a message of Congratulations for catching it, and the email will be automatically deleted.

If the email is a real phishing email, a support ticket will be automatically created with West Central Technology and a technician will reach out to you to assist.

Do I need to report advertisements as phishing?

You do not have to report advertisements. Ads are typically not trying to gather information about you but instead try to sell you a product. Phishing emails are looking to trick you into providing information either mistakenly or by pretending to be something they are not.

You may block unwanted email to not receive emails from that sender address again.

What should I do with a suspicious email?

You should treat all suspicious emails with caution. Utilize the Phishing Alert Report button at the top of your Outlook Ribbon. When you click the button, a copy of the email will automatically be submitted to West Central Technology for review by our technicians to determine if it is dangerous.

What happens if I fail a phishing test?

If you fail a phishing email test, do not worry; we all do at some point.

You will be automatically enrolled in a short informational training on how to spot phishing emails. You will only receive a request to participate in training if you have previously clicked on a simulated phishing email.

What is a Second Chance?

Second Chance is a feature that can be enabled. It allows for a popup box showing the exact link address you will be navigating to when you click a link in the email. It gives you a "second chance" to review the address before opening it.

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